Skilled Arizona sex crime defense attorney Belen Olmedo Guerra is equipped to defend numerous types of charges under sex crimes defense

An accusation, let alone an indictment, for sexual misconduct is never to be taken lightly. There are significant penalties that result from a conviction, but also, there’s a long-term stigma that tends to arise when an individual is associated with a sex-related crime.

Belen Olmedo Guerra at Belen Law Firm possesses the experience, credentials, and tenacity to challenge even the most serious claims that a prosecution can bring against an individual in Phoenix. Guerra has acquired years of accomplished criminal defense in Arizona. This allowed her to develop true defense instincts to position her clients for the best possible outcome of their cases, despite the nature of charges brought against them.

Belen Olmedo Guerra is a skilled sexual assault defense attorney. Her firm handles Phoenix criminal defense of the following charges for individuals in Phoenix and surrounding cities:

The lawyer you select to handle your criminal defense should understand the investment of financial resources and time you are making. With Belen Law Firm, clients can expect a comprehensive defense strategy focused on a positive outcome. Belen isn’t willing to sacrifice simply for the most expedient result, either.

Belen Olmedo Guerra is able to practice at both the state and federal level. To speak with someone at the Belen Law Firm about federal crimes, call 602.715.0908 for a free consultation today.