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Are you or a loved one facing Extreme DUI Arizona charges?

Arizona has some of the harshest penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) in the country. Convictions could result in a variety of penalties, ranging from mandatory jail time to fines and beyond.

Like many states, Arizona categorizes DUI charges. One of these categories is the Extreme DUI. In this post, Phoenix defense attorney Belen Olmedo Guerra will go over the consequences of Extreme DUI Arizona charges. We’ll also talk about the differences between Arizona DUI categories, the different types of penalties, and how an attorney can help.

What is an Extreme DUI in Arizona?

Almost all 50 states categorize DUIs. They separate the categories by blood alcohol content.

Here’s a breakdown of Arizona’s DUI categories:

  • Standard DUI Arizona: BAC of .08 or higher. However, for commercial drivers, it is .04 or higher.
  • Extreme DUI Arizona: BAC of .15 or higher.
  • Super Extreme DUI Arizona: BAC of .20 or higher.

Many states vary in how they break down these categories. Arizona is one of only a handful of states with a Super Extreme DUI category. But in all 50 states plus DC, .08 is the legal limit for DUI. Thus, if a police officer pulls you over and your BAC is .15 or higher, you could face Extreme DUI Arizona charges.

Arizona DUI Penalties

Before we talk about the specific penalties for Extreme DUI Arizona charges, let’s describe the different ways Arizona can penalize its citizens for DUI.

Jail Time

This is, of course, the primary consequence of DUI convictions. Jail time can range from a few days to a few months to longer. Defendants must serve some sentences consecutively, and some not.

Ignition Interlock Device

The state will mandate that you install this device in your car, at your own expense. It is similar to a Breathalyzer. You will have to blow into it before starting your car, and your car will only start if you score below a .08.

You will also have to continually blow into the IID in order for your car to keep running. The state can require you to keep an IID on your car anywhere from three months to two years, depending on your charges.

Fines and Fees

Fines after conviction will add up quickly, and will vary on a case-to-case basis. You will also have to pay court fees.

Arizona also requires that defendants the state convicts of DUI must pay into the DUI abatement fund.

License Suspension and Other Penalties

The state can suspend your driver’s license for varying lengths of time, depending on your charges and prior convictions.

We talked about fines and fees as well as the IID, but the financial consequences don’t end there. There will also be an increase in your insurance premiums. Arizona will require you to carry SR-22 insurance for up to 18 months, at your own expense, when you resume driving privileges.

In addition, DUIs are public record. It is in some cases possible to partially expunge a DUI from your record. However, the existence of your Extreme DUI Arizona charges will affect any job searches in your future.
The state may also mandate alcohol awareness classes and community service.

What Are the Penalties for Extreme DUIs in Arizona?

The penalties for Extreme DUI charges will vary based on any prior convictions, plus the exact circumstances of the DUI charges. DUIs in Arizona that are not aggravated are misdemeanors, though that does not mean the consequences aren’t serious.

First Offense Extreme DUI Arizona Penalties

To charge you with an Extreme DUI, the state must have a BAC test within two hours of you operating the motor vehicle. The test must result in a BAC of .15 or higher.

The minimum jail sentence is 30 days, with no eligibility for parole or suspension. There will be an IID on your car for up to 12 months after you regain driving privileges.

The minimum amount of fines is $2500.

Arizona will also suspend your driver’s license for anywhere from 12 months to 36 months. Reinstatement will require SR-22 insurance, passing the Arizona licensing test, as well as other fines and fees.

Second Offense Extreme DUI Arizona Penalties

If you receive a second extreme DUI within seven years, there is a minimum of 120 days in jail. 60 of these days must be consecutive. Minimum fines total $3250, but maybe higher depending on the circumstances.

Conviction also requires license revocation of 12 months, with IID installation and 30 hours of community service.

Third Offense Extreme DUI Arizona Penalties

Your third offense in seven years of the first becomes an Aggravated DUI.

Aggravated DUI is a felony in Arizona. The minimum sentence is six months in prison, and two years of IID installation and substance abuse classes. Fines alone on a third offense could reach $20,000.

In addition, a felony conviction could bring a variety of personal and professional repercussions. It could interfere with your right to vote, bear arms, or with finding a job.

How Can An Attorney Help With My DUI Charges?

You may think that attorneys can’t do anything about DUI charges. After all, there’s a BAC test to refer to in court.

This isn’t entirely true. If you hire an attorney early in the process of your DUI, there are several possible defenses. An attorney will look at:

  • Your blood alcohol content, and whether you were driving recklessly
  • The reason the police officer pulled you over
  • Whether or not there were problems with the blood alcohol test
  • Whether you passed a field sobriety test

In this way, an Phoenix criminal defense lawyer like Belen may be able to help reduce your extreme DUI charges.

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