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Our mission is to provide the best representation possible to each and every one of our clients. Together, we offer something unique – big-firm representation in a small-firm atmosphere. Get a free case evaluation from our Phoenix Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney today.


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Belén Law Firm™ in Phoenix is equipped to handle all types of cases, including those that may seem minor. We are concerned with protecting your rights and have the resources and tenacity to help secure the most preferable outcomes possible.

Did the Police exaggerate, lie, or trick you? Did someone else’s negligence lead to your injury? Let’s discuss what we can do about this. Call Now!

Our Phoenix Law Firm has significant experience in defending clients who have been charged with sex offenses and violent crimes. You deserve the best criminal attorney, someone with a proven track record and reputation for treating clients with dignity and respect to help you get the best outcome.

Experience matters when it comes to representing individuals with a high profile and a professional career on the line. Our team will work to get you the best outcome to help you maintain your reputation.

Our firm is 100% dedicated to Criminal Defense and Personal Injury representation. That means we focus our efforts and legal resources solely on these types of cases. Financing is available so that everyone can receive the representation they deserve at an affordable price.

At Belen Law Firm, we understand that the LGBT community faces a unique set of challenges. If you’ve been charged with a crime or injured in an accident and need an attorney who is attuned to the needs specific to the LGBT community, Belen can help. The last thing a person needs is to face any form of discrimination or prejudice from a legal professional who is supposed to be on their side. Belen Olmedo Guerra treats every client with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The Belen Law Firm™ is foremost a criminal defense firm that handles many types of criminal charges and offenses:

Personal Injury Practice Areas

The Belen Law Firm™ is also equipped to achieve maximum compensation for the following types of personal injury cases:

Managing Attorney


Maria "Belén" Olmedo Guerra™

Phoenix Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Lawyer

Ms. Maria “Belen” Olmedo Guerra™ is a strong advocate and litigator. She has handled hundreds of felony cases including sexual crimes, child abuse, prostitution and homicides. She is extremely successful in plea negotiations and plea proposals.

Associate Attorneys

Eric Jeide

Eric Jeide

Phoenix Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Lawyer

Claudia Ramirez

Claudia Ramirez

Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer


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