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Penalties for Vehicular Homicide in Phoenix

Homicide always involves the unlawful death of one person at the hands of another, but the difference between the three types of homicide, and their corresponding penalties depends on the mindset of the defendant in Arizona. There are three different types of homicide motorists involved in vehicle-related homicides can be charged with:

Negligent Homicide

A motorist may be charged with negligent homicide because they were driving in a criminally negligent manner when they caused the death of another person. 

Criminal negligence occurs when a person unknowingly does or fails to do something that puts others in substantial and unjustifiable danger. The motorist in question is not aware of the danger they are placing others.

Negligent homicide in Arizona is a class 4 felony. Penalties could include:

  • One to three years in prison, and 
  • Up to $150,000 in fines


Vehicular manslaughter is only subtly different from negligent homicide involving a vehicle. Motorists can be charged with vehicular manslaughter when their “reckless” driving causes the death of another person. Driving “recklessly” requires that the motorist does or fails to do something that puts others in danger and that the motorist is aware that their conduct creates this danger. 

This category encompasses a large part of vehicular homicides. Manslaughter, vehicular or not, is a class 2 felony. Penalties can include:

  • Three to twelve years in prison, and
  • Up to $150,000 in fines

Second-degree Murder

There is a subtle difference between negligent homicide and manslaughter, and an equally subtle difference between manslaughter and second-degree murder. A motorist convicted of second-degree murder has engaged in reckless conduct that creates a grave risk of death to another person.

This is a class 1 felony in Arizona. The penalties are severe, and could include:

  • 10 to 25 years in prison, and
  • Up to $150,000 in fines

However, if the person whose death the defendant caused was under 12 years old, the defendant could face life in prison.

For any driving-related homicide, a blood alcohol concentration of .15% or higher at the scene can lead to receiving a sentence on the upper end of the spectrum.

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The subtle distinctions between these categories of vehicular homicide charges and the drastic escalation of consequences require an experienced criminal defense attorney to navigate. 

Belen Olmedo Guerra will fight for your rights and help you find your way through the disorienting court system and drive your case towards the best possible outcome for you.

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