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The skilled, Belén Olmedo Guerra is dedicated to the defense of DUI cases from first offenses to felony drunk driving. A DUI can be embarrassing and devastating to the careers to those in certain positions. You need a non-judgemental advocate to give you straight-forward advice about beating your case. This is exactly what you’ll get at Belén Law Firm. She’s handled hundreds of DUI cases over many years, and you’ll get the benefit of an experienced DUI lawyer. 

If you’re arrested in Phoenix, you have the right to fight DUI charges and loss of your driver’s license. You need an experienced, dedicated Phoenix DUI attorney on your side to help you mitigate the effects of the charge. Belén Olmedo Guerra will analyze the facts of your case to ensure that all of the applicable defenses are timely raised on your behalf. 

Belén Olmedo Guerra prepares every case for trial because you can’t win cases if you can’t try them. No client will get a good deal if the prosecutor knows that they attorney won’t take the case to court. In addition to the not guilty verdicts, and hung juries, Belén has also achieved many dismissals in alcohol and marijuana DUI cases. 


Arrested for DUI in Phoenix, Now What?

The DUI process in Arizona is complex and you will likely have questions following your drunk driving arrest. This is where having an experienced DUI lawyer in Phoenix can make a positive difference in your case. Belén Olmedo Guerra will set aside time to answer all of your questions and to discuss possible outcomes and defenses to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. 


DUI Penalties in Arizona

The prosecutor may want you to believe that the case against you is cut and dry, but there are many defenses available to fight a DUI in Phoenix. Belén knows that you may have various defenses working in your favor and will work diligently to defend against your conviction. 

Defenses available to beat Arizona DUI charges include but are not limited to:

  • Officer’s lack of probable cause for the initial stop
  • Lack of evidence
  • Mistakes in the administrative procedures relating to blood and/or breath tests
  • Illegal arrest
  • A person appearing not under the influence during the field sobriety tests
  • Miranda rights violations

If you’ve been arrested for an alcohol or marijuana DUI in Phoenix and you feel as if any of these defenses apply to your case, Belén Olmedo Guerra can help you determine what other defenses may be available for you against a criminal DUI charge. You must contact an attorney promptly, as DUI defenses are typically time sensitive. 


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