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What happens if you’re arrested outside of the 9-to-5, Monday through Friday, normal operating hours? We all know that law enforcement doesn’t make arrests based on personal schedules. This is why Belen Olmedo Guerra feels that being a 24 hour criminal defense attorney in Phoenix is something she must offer!

If you are arrested on a holiday and need someone by your side or if you’ve been arrested over the weekend and need an attorney for court next week, call Belen Law Firm. Any time-night or day, we are available to take your call and provide the defense counsel you need.

24/7 Criminal Defense Availability in Phoenix

There is never a good time to be arrested and you shouldn’t have to go through the process alone, day or night. Belen Law Firm will review your case, free of charge, regardless of the time. 

Why Should I Hire an Attorney Immediately?

The law requires law enforcement to state the Miranda Rights every time they make an arrest.

384 U.S. 436

According to 384 U.S. 436, “Miranda Rights” or “Miranda Warning” are protections granted by the United States Constitution to those being arrested of a crime, stemming from the 5th amendment-to remain silent.
A person under arrest must be advised of his or her rights when the following conditions are met:

  1. The suspect is in custody and isn’t free to leave, if they wish.
  2. Law enforcement wishes to do a “custodial” interrogation.

Police don’t have to give a Miranda Warning if:

  1. The suspect is free to leave at any time, or
  2. if the suspect is not being interrogated.

When police arrest someone, they immediately start keeping an account of everything the suspect says and does. This record is submitted to be used as evidence to support a conviction. The Miranda Rights are in place for a reason- use them. You have the right to consult with an attorney. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can provide counsel and protect you during interrogations.

Why You Need a 24 Hour Criminal Defense Attorney

The sooner you hire a lawyer, when you’ve been charged with a crime, the better.

In Phoenix, criminal cases are time sensitive. The gap between getting arrested and hiring an attorney can affect the outcome of your case, substantially.

Criminal arrest can be stressful and emotionally draining. If  you or a family member has been recently arrested for a crime in Phoenix, call The Belen Law Firm immediately.

“ A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is a right in it.”

– Henry Ward Beecher



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"Belen was available on the spot. She goes out of her way to explain my case,and gives me a feeling of confidence! Thank you Belen!"


"I have consulted with Belen on several cases. She is the hardest working attorney I have ever met. She is smart and will go the extra mile to help her clients. She treats everyone like they are the priority which is exactly what you need. She listens to what you are saying and works to resolve the case the best she can for the client. No cutting corners with Belen. I highly recommend her."


"At a time where we felt helpless and quite frankly traumatized Belen was able to step in and reassure us that we had options and assured us she would work her hardest for a satisfactory resolution. My teenage son needed defense against law enforcement and my family needed legal advice and support in the worst way. Despite being beaten black and blue by police officers that said he was resisting arrest, they turned around and charged him with two felonies. We were all at a loss and Belen was able to keep us grounded as we went through the process explaining every step along the way. She worked extremely hard to expose the truth about the officer involved, and because of her hard work the felonies were dropped. My son can go on with his young life without having his record and character tarnished by these unjust accusations."


"Hire this one! I spoke to several other firms before using Belen, every other firm connected me to a non-attorney sales person who refused to allow me to speak with an attorney. All the others care about is how they are going to get paid. Belen was put on the call when I called at 7pm on a Saturday. Belen cared about my son, my son had a warrant for his arrest and did not even know this until he was pulled over and hauled off to jail. Belen went to the jail on Saturday, stood with my son in jail in-front of the jailhouse court Judge and told that judge how it was. My son walked out 2 hours later without paying a dollar for bail. Then the following week she called the prosecutor that she already knew, and was able to get the plea reinstated from years prior that resulted in the case being fully dismissed for ever. I also want to point out that her fees for everything were lower than other attorneys were trying to get me to pay over the phone.. I highly recommend Belen!"


"Belen is a dedicated advocate for her criminal defense clients."


"Very grateful with your attention, your team very kind work, resolved my case I highly recommend ... Thank you."




"What a joy It was to find Belen she picked up the phone and she spoke about our sons case with us. She is a genius, she found a crafty loophole to free our son. We will never forget this."

- Amber

"Belen is committed to delivering Superior Legal work for her clients. In the state of Arizona she is a dynamic strategic force. She has the ability and resources to excel in meeting all the demands and creative solutions, that make her effective in prioritizing, communicating with her clients and their families. Belen is determined and unwavering in any and all resources necessary for the representation. We have hired her before, best choice our family ever made. She is amazingly motivated, caring and empathetic for each client. Regarding of how many clients she may have she is always available for individual needs or questions. Regardless of the duration of each individual case. I would highly recommend anyone in Arizona in need of an Attorney to hire Belen Olmedo Guerra, she is fair, honest, professional and will utilize any of her professional services necessary to win your case. When it comes to high crime media cases of any kind. I followed previous cases she was involved with and she has always been successful in the reduced sentencing. ratings are usually up to the 5 star status, Belen is far and above that."

- Alana

"We first hired Belen and her highly esteemed team of expert litigators. For her integrity and professionalism, but during the course of our representation, we gained a degree of personal trust and reliance far exceeding our expectations. Belen demonstrated an amazing level of genuine care and compassion and an implicit desire to keep us informed and knowledgeable of each step in the process. She is a diligent and hard worker and leaves no stone unturned. Our representation was nothing short of brilliant, creative and successful! She is without a doubt the Lady I want in my corner. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone interested in winning their case with the least amount of headaches throughout the process."
- Chuang

"Belén is hands down the BEST defense attorney out there for high profile cases. She has the heart, compassion, determination, backbone and most of all the desire to help her clients. Belén’s expertise and experience helped mitigate our case to receive a reduced sentence. She spent thousands of hours over the year and a half she represented our family to challenge the prosecution at every corner and on every angle. She went above what most attorneys do by hiring her own experts and investigators to ensure she went to battle fully loaded. Due to her dedication, determination and commitment, my family was able to end the day feeling extremely confident and satisfied that she obtained the best outcome with a reduced sentence. Belén is a stand up human being who not only represented our family but she became family. If you want the best defense attorney, Belen is your choice!"

- Leslie

"I called several law firms until I found Belen, I knew she was going to be the right one right away. I was facing 5 years in prison the police lied! The detective made things up, Belen uncovered the truth, proved the police lied. No one else believed me, Belen not only believed me, she proved it. Thank you Belen!"

- Client

"This is the best, smartest lawyer/person I have ever met! When my brother was surrounded by police, we called her. She immediately got my brothers phone number, hung up on us and called him. She made my brother put the phone on speaker and yelled at the police. She let them know who was in charge. She stopped everything. She got them to leave him alone. She let them know it was not going to be easy for them. We could hear the Mesa Police trying to argue with her, but she knows what she is doing...Belen checked for us and the case was closed after she spoke to that detective. This is incredible what Belen did for us! We are forever in her debt."

- Amber


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