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What happens if you’re arrested outside of the 9-to-5, Monday through Friday, normal operating hours? We all know that law enforcement doesn’t make arrests based on personal schedules. This is why Belén Olmedo Guerra feels that being a 24 hour criminal defense attorney in Phoenix is something she must offer!

If you are arrested on a holiday and need someone by your side or if you’ve received criminal charges over the weekend and need an attorney for court next week, call Belén Law Firm. Any time-night or day, we are available to take your call and provide the defense counsel and legal representation you need.

24/7 Criminal Defense Availability in Phoenix

There is never a good time to be arrested, and you shouldn’t have to go through the process alone, day or night. That is why it is important that you choose legal counsel who you know will be there for you whenever you need. That person is Belén Olmedo Guerra. 

Belén is a Phoenix-based criminal lawyer with extensive experience in all types of criminal convictions and charges.  Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor offense or a felony charge, at the state level or with a federal crime, Belén Law Firm can help. Having plenty of legal experience, our criminal defense law firm has handled cases which involve:

An experienced lawyer at Belén Law Firm is ready to review your case, free of charge, regardless of the time. 

Why Should I Hire an Attorney Immediately?

When you receive criminal charges of any kind, the sooner you hire a criminal attorney, the better. This is because criminal cases in Arizona are extremely time-sensitive. As such, the gap between getting arrested for a criminal offense and hiring legal counsel can affect the outcome of your case substantially. The more time your private attorney has to review your case, prepare your defense, and handle all other legal matters, the more likely you are to achieve a positive resolution to your case.

Remain Silent Until You Obtain Legal Counsel

When law enforcement officers arrest someone, they immediately start keeping an account of everything the suspect says and does. This record is submitted to be used as evidence to support a conviction. During this time, it is crucial that you remember your right to remain silent and use it.

The law requires law enforcement to state the Miranda Rights every time they make an arrest. According to 384 U.S. 436, “Miranda Rights” or “Miranda Warnings” are protections granted by the United States Constitution to those being arrested for a crime, stemming from the 5th amendment right to remain silent.

A person under arrest must be advised of his or her rights when the following conditions are met:

  1. The suspect is in custody and isn’t free to leave if they wish.
  2. Law enforcement wishes to do a “custodial” interrogation.

The Miranda Rights are in place for a reason- use them. In addition to your right to remain silent, you also have the right to consult with an attorney. A knowledgeable Phoenix criminal defense attorney like Belén can provide counsel and protect your constitutional rights during interrogations and the remainder of the legal process.

Why You Need a 24 Hour Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal arrest can be stressful and emotionally draining for anyone. What’s more, they always seem to occur at the worst possible time.  Belén understands this, which is why she wanted her criminal defense law firm to be available at all hours of the day and all days of the week.

If you or a family member has been recently arrested for a crime in Phoenix, reach out to The Belén Law Firm immediately for unmatched legal representation. Our skilled legal team will aggressively fight for your freedom while defending your legal rights. We offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss the details of your case and offer legal advice for criminal matters of any kind. Give Belén a call today, tonight, or whenever you need her at 602-715-0908 to set up your appointment. You can also click the button below to contact us online. 

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The Belen Law Firm is foremost a criminal defense firm that handles other types of criminal charges and offenses:

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