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Maintaining a diverse team affords our clients the best possible criminal defense. The specific charge the government chooses to levy against our clients is not paramount in guiding our strategy as we believe a carefully crafted, unwavering defense is superior to a reactionary one.

A case comes down to evidence not allegations. We treat all of our clients like high profile cases; we believe that every case deserves high-stakes, high profile treatment and that each of our clients should receive celebrity attention from their criminal attorneys. With this in mind, our law firm consists of three main Divisions which can guide our strategy when identifying issues and formulating a customized criminal defense plan in each case.

The main Divisions are: (i) White Collar Crime, (ii) Professionals & High Profile Individuals, and (iii) Blue & Grey Collar Division which includes non-financial crimes such as violent and drug related charges and major felonies.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The Belen Law Firm is foremost a criminal defense firm that handles other types of criminal charges and offenses:

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