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If you are facing charges for murder or any type of crime that resulted in the death of another person, the attorney you choose to protect your rights may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. It is critical that you get the strongest representation possible from a Phoenix murder defense attorney. You need a lawyer that will fully investigate the facts of your case and find expert witnesses essential to the preparation of your defense. Our Phoenix criminal defense lawyers understand the specialized issues involved in the preparation and defense of a murder charge. We have the courtroom skills and experience to stand up against the State.

Belén Olmedo Guerra is known for providing aggressive defense representation for her clients throughout Phoenix. She has successfully handled a number of high-profile cases.

First Degree Murder

Arizona law defines murder as the killing of one human by another with malicious intent.

Murder can be either in the first degree or the second degree. First-degree murder is the most serious degree of murder in Arizona and is punished as a class 1 felony.

First-degree murder in Arizona is when:

  • A person intends or knows that their actions will cause death.
  • Ultimately causes the death of another person.
  • Premeditated the actions that caused the death of another person.
  • The amount of time for premeditation can be a long or short period of time. Challenging the premeditation is essential to defending your case.

First Degree Murder Punishment

There are three possible punishments for first-degree murder:

  • Life in prison without the possibility of parole after 25 years
  • Life in prison without the possibility of parole
  • Death

Second Degree Murder

A murder charge that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories is second-degree murder. Second-degree murder in Arizona entails: 

  • A person killed another person without premeditation.
  • The suspect acted in a way that was extremely indifferent to human life.
  • A person recklessly engaged in conduct that created a grave risk of death and therefore causes the death of someone else.

Second Degree Murder Punishment

  • The minimum punishment for second-degree murder is a prison sentence of 10 years
  • The maximum punishment for second-degree murder is 25 years in prison
  • The presumptive sentence according to the laws in Arizona is 16 years in prison. The sentence might be longer if there were aggravating circumstances. It may also be enhanced if the perpetrator was previously convicted of second-degree murder or other class 2 or 3 felonies. 

We are prepared to defend you against all types of murder charges, including:

  • Felony murder
  • Malice murder
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • Voluntary manslaughter

Fighting for Your Rights

As experienced trial attorneys, we know how to build criminal defenses that the prosecution cannot break. In every single case we take on, we closely scrutinize every piece of evidence the prosecution intends to use. We thoroughly arm ourselves with all possible information and drive the case towards the best possible outcome. If the State seeks the death penalty and your life is on the line, do not settle for an inexperienced attorney. 

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