Every year, the American Institute of Trial Lawyers chooses a handful of the nation’s leading attorneys to receive their “Litigator of the Year” award. Belen Olmedo Guerra received this award for 2020.

The American Institute of Trial Lawyers is a professional organization that accepts attorneys on an invitation-only basis. This organization provides clients the opportunity to obtain qualified legal counsel and representation for his or her cases, by establishing a comprehensive database of top performing attorneys.

Each year, the organization selects less than 1% of legal professionals for their “Litigator of the Year” award. This title is awarded based on peer nominations, as well as third-party research. The award is designed to highlight the nation’s top attorneys who possess an exceptional level of skill, knowledge and experience.

Belen advocates fiercely for her clients and is an excellent negotiator, while maintaining her ethical and respectable approach. She collaborates with civil and immigration attorneys, whenever necessary, to develop the best outcome for her clients. She also possesses a Masters in Education with a focus on elementary education, which she used while teaching for 8 years. She has extensive knowledge of special needs, learning disabilities, accommodations, 504 plans, and IEPs. This knowledge allows the Belen Law Firm to provide well-rounded representation to all its clients.

Belen works closely with and recruits psychologists, forensic experts, psychiatrists, accident re-constructionists, ballistics experts, fire experts, videographers, toxicologists, criminologists, and many other doctors.

For more information about the American Institute of Trial Lawyers, visit https://aiotl.org/.